How you can fight disease and whiten your smile

Many diseases are transmitted due to poor oral hygiene, where the mouth and the teeth are not adequately cared for. Poor oral health can cause the mouth to become a breeding ground for viruses and bacteria, including the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV), which has become a global pandemic. Therefore, we must all pay great attention to oral health in order to protect ourselves from contracting the COVID-19.

The Double Defense Shield Gel (DDS Gel)

For those with Sleep Apnea, good oral hygiene includes sanitizing the oral appliance. The continuous removal and wearing of the oral appliance may expose the device to bacteria and viruses. Disinfecting the oral appliances cuts down on the risk.

The double defense shield gel (DDS Gel) has been specifically formulated to sanitize and disinfect the oral appliance, with an added benefit of whitening your teeth. The gel is clinically effective with concentrations of hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide that has been shown to reduce the risk of the novel coronavirus after 10 minutes of use and at the same time does not cause harm to the body. Hydrogen peroxide is a strong oxidizing agent that dissociates to hydrogen (H+) and hydroxyl (OH−) radicals that readily attack nucleic acids including single-stranded RNA viruses, such as the COVID-19.

Because there should be no compromise on health, and prevention is a lot better than treatment, try the DDS Gel today to fight against the novel coronavirus. With daily use of the DDS Gel to disinfect your oral appliance and by following all other oral hygiene measures, you can be one step closer to a safe and healthy life in 2020.

Instructions for using the DDS GEL

  1. First, mechanically clean your oral appliance with a soft toothbrush and liquid hand soap then apply the DDS Gel.

  2. Note that the DDS Gel is provided in a syringe and can be easily spread over the surface of an oral appliance with a toothbrush.

  3. After a thin layer of the DDS Gel is applied to the surface of the oral appliance, you can insert the oral appliance into your mouth.

  4. The DDS Gel will now both sterilize the oral appliance and your oral cavity to reduce the load of viruses and bacteria in your mouth.

  5. As an additional benefit, the DDS Gel will also effectively bleach your teeth while it works to clean your oral appliance.

  6. Remove the oral appliance from your mouth after 10 minutes and rinse your mouth and the oral appliance with water to remove the DDS Gel.

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