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3D Printing News

Oventus is committed to developing and manufacturing innovative, high quality medical devices for the treatment of sleep disordered breathing.

Oventus is utilising state of the art manufacturing processes to design and manufacture this unique technology. CAD files and world-class Arcam Electron Beam Melting additive manufacturing technology are used to develop and manufacture the titanium component of the O2Vent product range. In partnership with the CSIRO's Lab22, Oventus accessed an innovation centre of metallic AM (3D Printing) equipment. This technology facilitates the design of the O2Vent devices and provides a highly efficient and scalable technique for continued manufacture of the Oventus devices in Australia.

Oventus now boasts a dedicated facility on the CSIRO campus adjacent to Lab 22, one of the only printers capable of this advanced manufacturing process in the southern hemisphere.

Further innovations to advance our manufacturing processes are underway and Oventus look forward to bringing you further disruptive advancements in the near future.

A strong commitment to quality is reflected in Oventus’ Quality Management System, and has recently been audited for compliance to ISO 13485.

Introducing the OVENTUS O2 Vent™ Oral Appliance from CSIRO